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Doctorate in Urban and local European Studies

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The University of Milano-Bicocca offers a European doctoral programme in “Urban and Local European Studies” (URBEUR) in conjunction with: SciencesPo Paris , London School of Economics, Humboldt Universität Berlin, Università degli Studi della Calabria.

The objective of the URBEUR European doctoral programme is to serve as a benchmark for excellence in social and urban studies. URBEUR offers scholars, researchers and professionals a program of study designed to deliver a broad and thorough grounding in the field along with the skills to develop a specific areas of expertise. The programme promotes international mobility for young students and researchers, and is closely associated with the UrbEurope (www.urban-europe.net) Research and Training Network financed by the European Commission.

Admission to the European Doctoral Programme is based on written and oral examinations held at the University of Milano-Bicocca.  A prerequisite for admission is a degree (Master or Degree) in Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Architecture and Urban Planning or an equivalent qualification obtained in another European country. Admission examinations are conducted in English, French, German or Italian; candidates must be proficient in two of these languages.


This European Doctorate programme is normally completed in three years. In exceptional circumstances a one-year extension may be granted by the Doctoral Board. The following conditions apply: each candidate must carry out his or her activities under the guidance and supervision of two advisors, one nominated by the University of Milano-Bicocca, the other by one of the partner Universities;each candidate must spend 6-12 months engaged in study in another university associated with the programme; each candidate must present a thesis based on original research agreed upon with his or her advisor. Each student’s curriculum is evaluated according to the European Credit System, with a total of 60 credits per year, to include both formal classes and research.

The principal languages of the URBEUR European Doctoral Programme are English, French, German and Italian. All candidates must be fluent in English. Language courses will be organised within the Doctorate Programme to assist students in improving second or third language skills.